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     Semi M60
     22 pistol
     Krink SBR
     PPS 43 semi
     DP28 Semi
     Mini UZI Build
     UZI Carbine Build
     Galil Build
     AK Pistol
     My vz58 semi
     HK 91 Build
     7.62x54 PSL
     AM 275 Pistol
     42Semi Auto
     42Semi Bolt
     Bulgarian ak74s
     Yugo ak
     Thompson 1928
     50 bmg Rifle
     22 Gatling


    My Gun Projects

    Below are a few pictures of various gun projects I have done over the past year. Click the links to the left to view the individual pages for more pics and info on the builds.All NFA and BATFE rules apply as well as any local laws. That said enjoy looking around.

    semi m60
    Semi m60 Build
    1919 semi
    1919 shorty
    Bulgarian Krinkov
    556 Bulgarian Krinkov SBR
    AM 275
    275 rd 22lr pistol
    Galil Build
    AM 275
    DP28 Semi
    22 Pistol
    Single shot multicalibre pistol I designed
    Mini UZI
    Mini UZI Build
    UZI Carbine Build
    dshk semi
    DSHK semi build
    VZ 58 semi build
    AK type pistol built from Yugo parts set and Tapco flat
    Romak 3
    Romanian PSL
    Carbine length semi 42 belt fed
    Carbine length and fullsize semi 42 belt fed
    AR 70
    Billet receiver for Beretta AR-70
    50 cal
    Bolt action 50 bmg I built in 1994
    10 Bbl Gatling in 22 short
    PKM dummy receiver
    Semi Skorpion pistol

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